Wet n Wild Orlando

Often described as the world’s premier water park, this exciting resort is home to some of the best thrill-seeking rides and is a place that guarantees fun for all the family.

The park is certainly splash-tastic and combines plenty of pools where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere, whilst also having some of the fastest and most exhilarating water rides that directly rival other water-park attractions of its kind – it literally has something for everyone. One of the great things about Wet n Wild Orlando is that it also has a lot of multi-person rides, so that you can share the fun and adventure with the rest of your family and friends. Some of the rides where everyone can get in on the fun include ‘Brain wash’, a four person tube ride that has a 53 foot drop into the unknown; Bubba Tub, a large water rapid ride that takes you on an adventure through splash pools; and ‘The Blast’, a two person ride that thrills and excites as it splashes along a ruptured pipeline and bursts through waterfalls and pools of swirling water. There are also many multi person rides that are designed for younger ones too. However, if you are a thrill seeker, it doesn’t get much better than the ‘Wild One’. As the name suggests, this ride is certainly wild and exhilarating and sees two people towed simultaneously by a water craft out on the lake. It requires plenty of strength to hold on, however, as bouncing over the waves will most definitely see you flung off eventually!

There are also many exciting and adventurous single person rides, so, if nobody else wants to go on the rides, you are still able to enjoy yourself. Some of the best single person rides include ‘The Storm’, The Bomb Bay, and Der Stuka.

If, however, you have been on your fair share of waterslides in your time and much prefer to take it easy, you certainly won’t be disappointed. There is a wide range of relatively calm rides, where you can simply float about and let the day pass you by. If you’d much prefer to relax in a dry environment there are also plenty of other options on site. There are restaurants and bars where you can unwind and refresh, or, if you prefer, there are plenty of sunbathing areas where you can top up your tan.

Wet n Wild Orlando