Safari Tour at Busch Gardens

The Safari Tour at Busch Gardens is the perfect way for all the family to experience a once in a lifetime attraction. On this tour all the family can get up close and personal to some of the most divine wild animals on the planet, whilst at the same time listening to the tour guide that highlights fascinating and intriguing facts about all the different animals, their lifestyles and their personal stories.

Because of the close encounters that you will be blessed with, it is vital that you take a camera to capture those magic moments, as this tour could prove to be one of the most magical and inspiring journeys of your life. Not only will you be able to get so close that you can actually touch traditional safari animals, you will also have the opportunity to see other wildlife and learn about their traits and personalities. There is also the opportunity to stop and ask questions and learn about some of the biggest mysteries of the animal world. It proves to be an adventure like no other. For people who may wish to take it one step further and are not afraid to get close to the animals, there is also the privileged opportunity to feed the antelopes and giraffes, which really is a dream come true for many visitors.

As well as all the wonders of the animal kingdom, however, you will also be amazed by the natural beauty of the tour and the Serengeti Plain. There are some fabulous scenic views and you really get the feeling like you are in the middle of nowhere alongside these magnificent animals.

The tour lasts approximately half an hour and it is also stipulated that guests be at least five years old before they participate. This is partly because the tour party will be extremely close to wild animals and will be riding around in an open top jeep. The maximum number on each tour will also be capped at sixteen.

Safari Tour at Busch Gardens