Kennedy Space Center ATX Experience

Florida tickets offer an experience like no other for just over a hundred pounds, and it’s worth every penny. The ATX Experience at the Kennedy Space Center can give you the opportunity to feel the G-force of space flight as part of a team or with your family.

This is a perfect gift for any aspiring astronaut; this simulated training could start you on the road to exploring the final frontier!

The ATC half day programme focuses on the hands-on aspects of training space explorers, such as training and mission simulations, there’s also a chance to hear stories from veteran NASA astronauts who know what it takes to reach the stars.

A family half day program has just recently been introduced so that everyone can participate in the ATX Experience; families can build and launch their own rockets as a team, then perform a space shuttle mission to the International Space Station in a fully outfitted mock-up of mission control.

Kennedy Space Center ATX Experience