Florida History

Florida History

So, you are thinking about travelling to Florida, but how much do you actually know about Florida? Obviously, you will know that Florida is a state in America and you might also know about its geographical location, but how much information do you know about Florida’s history? Thus, whilst buying a ticket to Florida might be mainly for recreation, you might also perhaps buy a ticket to a museum in Florida and in fact will possibly be very interested in Florida’s long history below which is a short synopsis of some of the information.

Florida’s Name

Did you know that the name Florida is apparently the oldest name from Europe in the United States? In fact, back in April 2nd, 1513, which was six days after Easter, a Spanish conquistador called Juan Ponce deo Leon named the region in regard to his discovery of the place. So, what exactly does this name mean? Well, actually, it is a Spanish term for the “Flowery Easter” season. So, if you are planning on buying tickets to Florida to escape the winter in colder climates, you might also find that it appears nicely in bloom during Easter, whilst your home country might be much cooler.

Florida’s History

If you are planning on buying a ticket to Florida, you might also be interested to know regarding the place that you are travelling to, is that countries which have previously controlled Florida, are Spain and the UK. If you are travelling to different places around Florida, you might be interested to know that in fact Spanish Pensacola was established by Don Trista¡n de Luna y Arellano. So, as you can see if you are travelling to Florida fro a holiday in 2010, that Florida has a long and interesting history.

Conflict In Florida

After 1810 Florida split into East and West and there was much conflict including among resident Indians. Did you know that St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States? Following many more years of conflict by 1900 Florida’s population has been counted as 528,542. and after set-backs tourism was stimulated in the 1920s following national economic prosperity. In fact, whilst you may be enjoying a holiday in Florida, it is sobering to think about the conflicts throughout the years that have taken place in the state. Certainly, Florida as a tourist destination has a long and interesting history.

Florida Today

During the build-up to World War II, Florida’s economy improved and also there was an increase in air-conditioning – this would no doubt be a very good thing if the temperature is hot in Flroida when you go. These days, Florida has an estimated population of approximately 18 million. In fact, it has been estimated that by the year 2011, Florida will be the fourth most populous state after New York.

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