Florida Climate

Florida Climate

So, you are thinking of travelling to somewhere nice and hot  and you have heard about Florida. Now, the question you probably want to ask yourself, is why buy a ticket to Florida? Why rent hotel rooms in Florida? Are there better places to go to, or is this best? One of the best reasons to go to Florida from a UK perspective, is of course the climate. Whilst England can be nice in the summer, in the winter, the temperature falls and there is less sunshine and people may want to move to a place with better weather for them to enjoy this. Benefits of this, can be social as well as possibly for health, if for example people do not get on too well with cold weather.

One of the main features about Florida, is that all areas of the state are not so far from the ocean. In fact, North of Lake Okeechobee, the main climate is humid subtropical and in addition, coastal areas which are south of the lake have a tropical climate. However, high temperatures may not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, this would appear to be a very pleasant climate to buy a plane ticket to.

However, saying that Florida has a nice climate, sometimes during late autumn and winter months, Florida has experienced occasional cold fronts. Of course, snow is not common in Florida, but has happened in every major Florida city at least one time. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Florida was over a hundred years ago in 1899 and of course the climate is cooler in January and February than the summer months.

Florida Lightning

But, on the other hand, whilst having very favourable temperatures, Florida does have a problem with lightning strikes, which are more than anywhere else in the country. In addition, Florida has a lot of rainfall.

Florida Hurricanes

Another hazard of living in the US is of course hurricanes and for example in 2004 there were 4   hurricanes. Thus, although there are many benefits to the climate in Florida, dangers exist in the form of for example hurricanes to be careful of. So when is the climate season in Florida? Well, officially, it is from June the 1st to November 30th, although of course, some storms have happened out of   the season. Did you know that Florida has had 114 hurricanes from 1851 to 2006. Therefore, of course, you might want to consider this information when you are travelling to Florida, if you are concerned about this, for example, if you want to avoid the risk of this season, for example by travelling in April or May before it officially starts. Certainly, this might be something to be aware of compared to the lack of this problem in the UK.

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