Blue Man Group Orlando

The Blue Man Group is a trio which provides a spectacular array of music, comedy and theatrics and is loved by many people who enjoy letting their creative juices flow and allowing their inner child to take over. Full of slapstick comedy, electronic lights, catchy music and great stories, the Blue Man Group are earning plaudits all over the world.

Luckily for many tourists heading to Orlando the superb stage antics are also now on offer near the theme park, so not only will you be blessed with all the attractions for which the area is well known, you can also indulge in an electric interpretation and celebration of art, music and technology.

For those of you who don’t know, the Blue Man Group made their talented Universal Orlando debut in June 2007, and they have not looked back since. Many people, however, are unaware that Orlando is one of the latest in a long line of areas to provide the phenomenal show, as the trio have also performed at NYC, Boston and Chicago. The performers are literally painted blue from head to toe and are marvels at whatever they turn their hand to. Everything they do is rhythmical and they provide the audience with hilarious and talented scenes that people find hard not to admire. The Blue Man Group offer something completely unique from anything ever seen before, and prove to be the ultimate at providing varied and top quality entertainment. They bring live music, percussion, comedy sketches and theatrics to a mass audience and combine all these elements to create one truly outstanding show full of talent. What’s more, everyone in the family, regardless of age, can enjoy it.

If you believe their antics sound a little bit like pantomime, then you’d be right. Pantomime is great fun and this is exactly what the Blue Man group embraces. They combine singing, dancing, paint splatting and a party atmosphere like no other. It is a modern interpretation of pantomime that also showcases great creativity and flair. You could say they are born entertainers. The show is so diverse with rock style performances intertwined with childish game play.

The group have already entertained around 10 million people worldwide and their presence in Orlando has given them further publicity from a tourist point of view. Even better is that you do not have to go to the theme park in order to see them, as the venue at which they play can be easily accessed via Universal Orlando’s City Walk. It has to be said, however, that the slapstick comedy proves a great end to an action packed day at a theme park, so, while combining the two may be tiring, it is certainly well worth it.

Blue Man Group Orlando