About Seaworld Orlando

Seaworld is one of the most popular family attractions as it allows people to get up close and personal with some of the worlds’ most fascinating and endangered marine life.

The magical water world features everything you would expect, such as the chance to walk around and see all sorts of different species, as well as learn about them through many interactive screens that help both the young and old understand all there is to know about their lifespan, way of life and general information. You may well be thinking, what makes Seaworld any different to Sealife centres back home? The answer to that… see for yourself! Not only does SeaWorld offer a great day out for all the family close to all the animals, it also offers people the opportunity to have more of an interactive and educational experience if they so wish. An example of this is the Marine Mammal Keeper Experience.

This experience allows people to see what it is like to look after many marine animals on a daily basis and also highlights the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to keep the animals happy, as well as fed and watered. It proves to be a great experience for youngsters who have also expressed an interest in caring after animals as a potential career. This, along with all other additional features comes at an extra cost, but it is certainly worth it in terms of a valuable learning experience.


There are also many other educational programmes on offer at Seaworld. There is a dolphin up-close tour as well as a penguin up-close tour as well as many other specific animal tours, and, if you want to be treated like a VIP for a day and explore everything that goes on backstage at the magical marine wonderland, there is also a private VIP tour where you can enjoy guided tours and skip through all the attractions without having to battle large queues.

As well as all the delights of the animal kingdom on display at this family focussed attraction, visitors are also blessed with plenty of rides and mesmerising shows. For the older children, there are adrenalin-fuelled rides such as Manta and Kraken and for the younger ones there are great shows and interactive plays such as Elmo and Abby’s Treasure Hunt. Regardless of age, Seaworld can offer a great day out for everyone.

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About Seaworld Orlando