About Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center is an attraction like no other and this is proven by the millions of people who flock there in a bid to explore and relive some of man’s greatest ever achievements.

On a visit to the Kennedy Space Center, visitors are given a once in a lifetime tour of NASA’s launch and landing facilities, not to mention close encounters with huge rockets. For people interested in the science and education behind the accomplishments of the space programme there are also talks by a veteran astronaut as well as interactive simulators where you can see and experience for yourself, the brains, the passion and the science behind the most remarkable feats in history.

This place really is the hub for amazing science and is the world capital for technology developments. It proves to be a unique trip that certainly should not be passed up on if you get the chance to visit. There are also live shows as well as many factual boards dotted all around to explain and educate people about the basic fundamentals of space travel. It is a venue that all the family can explore, and is also close to Orlando‘s main theme parks, so if you are in the area, this is certainly a place not to be missed.

There are many people, however, who enjoy the space center for what it offers visitors in the form of first hand experiences. One of the most popular attractions at the centre proves to be the mesmerising IMAX theatres that allow visitors to actually feel like they are in space and floating alongside other astronauts. The screens allow the thrill of being up in space to become a reality and really bring the outer world to the masses. All the sights, feelings, and sounds are cleverly simulated to give you a realistic experience. Little wonder that this attraction is by far one of the most popular offerings at the center.

The Space Center also has many interesting events that feature throughout the year, so if you are lucky enough to be in the area on specific dates, you will not only get to enjoy all that the center offers, but also witness a great occasion. ‘Celebrating 50 years of Americans in Orbit’ is one of the best events and gives a true perspective of what space travel meant then and now. For added costs, there are also special features that are available at the Space Center, including ‘Lunch with an astronaut’, as well as special guided tours. The ‘Lunch with an astronaut’ programme is regularly available and proves to be a once in a lifetime experience that enables you to enjoy a meal with a veteran member of NASA’s Astronaut corps – it doesn’t get any better.

The day at the space center is guaranteed to be full of exciting and intriguing activities that you can watch, listen to and even participate in and all will prove to be action packed and brimming with fun. It’s not every day that you get to come close to a space rocket and learn about space travel. Here, however, dreams are a reality.

About Kennedy Space Center