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Gatorland is a world famous attraction that is known for providing a fabulous day out for all the family. More importantly, however, it is also internationally recognised as a protected habitat for all kinds of reptiles, with alligators being the most featured at the attraction. Also commonly referred to as the ‘alligator capital of the world’, the one hundred and ten acre theme park is one of Orlando’s finest parks and is not only fun and interesting to explore but is also inspiring and educational.

Located on the South Orange Blossom Trail in Florida, the attraction is home to a wealth of impressive reptiles. There are alligators, small and large lizards and other species including birds of prey and pythons. This park is designed for visitors who enjoy the seeing and learning about animals from the natural world and, in a sense, is a much more relaxed attraction to enjoy in comparison to the lively and raucous theme parks close by.

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For people who want to really make the most of their day at Gatorland, there are many tours on offer that allow you to get close to the animals and learn about the way they live. These tours not only help to make it a day to remember, they also prove helpful and insightful for young minds who enjoy learning about the creatures with which we share our planet. Many of the tours will take you on a look around the swamps and habitats where the animals stay. There is also the chance to take part in a ‘trainer for the day’, which sees you learn about how to care for the reptiles and other animals in the park and understand their dietary requirements and their lifestyle. Gatorland is not just an attraction that offers fun, it also provides plenty of educational experiences.

For younger children who may tire walking around the large park, there are also plenty of places to stop off and rest, as well as quite a few rides dotted around that will help to break up the day. The Gator Gully Splash Park, for instance, is an area of Gatorland that offers rides and fun for all the family. Allie’s Barnyard, which is a petting zoo, is also popular and proves to be a real hit especially with the younger members of the family. Other attractions in the park include a breeding marsh with boardwalk, observation tower and aviaries.

Gatorland also offers plenty of shows throughout the day with one of the most popular involving the reptiles.

Gatorland is one of central Florida’s oldest attractions. Despite this, it is still one of the most popular, offering a unique and charming day out for everyone of all ages. Once you have entered the gaping gator mouth entrance, the natural and inspiring journey begins.

About Gatorland Florida

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