About Discovery Cove

It’s all in the name with regards to what’s on offer at this magical attraction. Discovery Cove allows visitors to go on a journey of discovery that includes inspirational sights of exotic birds and marine life – giving them the opportunity to take in the environment whilst learning all about the animals’ habitat, personalities and traits. It’s a paradise for visitors who appreciate the animal kingdom and all that it offers. It also proves to be an enchanting and endearing experience for youngsters as they are not only provided with an educational insight, they also have the opportunity to get up close and personal to some of the best loved creatures including bottlenose dolphins, and exotic birds and aquatic life.

As well as a day of adventure and sightseeing, the park also offers the chance for visitors to swim with dolphins. It proves to be a once in a lifetime experience and one that will have a lasting impression on any youngster.

Discovery Cove is an environment that will bring out your inner child, and for obvious reasons, is very popular with people of all ages. This tends to put people off, as they believe that the park will be too crowded to see all the delights and take in the atmosphere. However, Discovery Cove is never too full, as the amount of visitors is curbed to around 1000 people. This is so everyone can have time to walk round without having to battle with mass crowds. Organisers at Discovery Cove want visitors to feel relaxed and care-free when they visit the magical park, and by reducing the amount of people that can gain entry, everyone can appreciate what’s on offer without the need for pushing and shoving.

Whilst every aspect of the park proves fun and inspiring, as always there are some real highlights that should not be missed. Regardless of whether you want your day to be based around relaxation, or adrenalin-fuelled activities, you will find all sorts of activities here to suit your requirements. From snorkelling with exotic tropical fish and hand-feeding tropical birds in their free-flight aviary, to swimming and getting friendly with dolphins – it really doesn’t get much better. In fact, Discovery Cove is widely acknowledged as being the finest place to snorkel in Florida.

As with any great family attractions, there are also new facilities and activities for visitors to enjoy. The Freshwater Oasis, for example, is new for 2012 and provides tourists with the chance to relax and unwind in a tropical habitat alongside marine creatures. You can swim or float around through the tropical maze and really feel like you are stranded on an island with trees, warm waters and animals all around you.

The Grand Reef is also another part of Discovery Cove that is well worth sourcing out. Here, you can literally get close and personal to some wonderful species as you swim in warm, turquoise waters alongside marine life including tropical fish. You will also be seen to be swimming close to sharks, although these will be behind a glass barrier for your own safety. The fish and other creatures will be swimming round you freely, however, giving you the chance to feel what it’s like under the sea! You will also find many beautiful and peaceful beaches are dotted around for you to laze around on, and if you are in an exploring mood, there are also plenty of paths and hidden coves for you to discover. If there is one memory and highlight of your visit to Discovery Cove that will stay with you a lifetime, however, it will be the one-on-one dolphin interaction that is on offer. It will prove to be a magical memory never to be forgotten.

Discovery Cove is an attraction that provides fun and adventure for all the family and will last the most part of a day. With this in mind, you should note that there are plenty of restaurants as well as snack bars, so you will always be able to eat and drink when you want.

If you believe that Discovery Cove is the ideal attraction for your family, purchasing a ticket in advance will help you enjoy plenty of benefits. There are two types of tickets eligible for the attraction and these are labelled as the ‘Choice Ticket‘ or ‘Ultimate Adventure Swim or Non Swim’. Worth bearing in mind, however, is that the full day is on an inclusive basis, so that everything you do, from eating to swimming, is included in the price of the ticket.

A ticket for Discovery Cove comes with many advantages, including a three course meal for lunch; snorkel gear and swimwear attire including towels; and unlimited access to many of the areas in the park. The ticket also permits a 30 minute dolphin experience, plus many other great features.

About Discovery Cove