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If you want to experience the magic of Florida and all the attractions that it offers, Florida Tickets is just the site for you. This site provides you with all the information you need to know about each and every resort and, what’s more, offers you the chance to get hold of some of the most in-demand tickets all for a wonderful price. Crammed with enchanting and endearing fun as well as adrenalin fuelled experiences, Florida really is the place to be for families who want to cherish fun times together.


Kennedy Space Center

One of the most popular places to visit in Florida is the Kennedy Space Center. Millions of visitors flock to the attraction each and every year and enjoy the great exhibitions, talks, and interactive displays that help tell the story of man’s mission into space. It is a hub of inspiration and features a once in a lifetime tour of NASA’s launch and landing facilities; talks by a veteran astronaut; and interactive simulators that help re-create the feeling of space exploration. There are also live shows and factual boards that help to explain the basic fundamentals as well as the incredible science behind each and every mission. There are also many interesting events that feature throughout the year and VIP options where you can have lunch with an astronaut – this proves to be especially great for young children and adults who are inspired by the idea of space travel.


Discovery Cove Orlando

If you have young children, however, you may want to go somewhere which has a greater appeal for them, and Discovery Cove proves to be just the place. This magical attraction allows visitors of all ages to go on a journey of discovery. There are exotic birds and pretty marine life which can be seen in their natural habitat and there are plenty of educational opportunities where visitors can learn a little about the animals’ feeding patterns, traits, and personalities. It’s not just a fun day out, but an educational one too. Visitor numbers are also limited to 1000 per day so it is never too full. Attractions at Discovery Cove include the Grand Reef, where visitors can take to the warm waters and swim alongside marine life, including tropical fish and dolphins; and the free-flight aviary. Fun for all the family is certainly guaranteed here.


Busch Gardens Theme Park 

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is also a must-see attraction and is probably more geared towards families who like a bit of adrenaline-filled fun. The park is an enormous 355-acre site that is home to some of the world’s scariest and craziest rides. If you have younger children who prefer to take it steadier, however, you do not have to compromise, as the adventure theme park also boasts a chance to get up close and personal to some exotic animals. All in all, the park has fun and imagination in bucket-loads and is perfect for people of all ages.


The Blue Man Group

If you find you have exhausted yourself at one of Florida’s many world famous theme parks, you may want to consider taking it easy when it comes to evening entertainment. The Blue Man Group Orlando will provide you with hours of fun-filled laughter and entertainment and you will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, as well as a little excited about the spectacular show that you have just witnessed.  The Blue Man Group is a trio which provides comedy, theatrics, and music all rolled into one electric night of entertainment. Their slapstick routines and their creative drama performances are fun and renowned the world over. This show is certainly not one to be missed.



If you have young children, you may want to consider Legoland Florida as a day out. The adventure park inspires young minds and proves to be a day of fun and frolics for all the family. The park is ideal for children aged two to twelve and, is, more importantly, a haven for everyone who loves Lego. Typical Lego villages can be enjoyed and there are also tombs of discovery to inspire young minds. There are also many eateries and places to sit and picnic so you really can make a full day of the fun. Rides, shopping facilities and beautifully landscaped gardens can all be found here – the amount to see and do is endless.


Wet n Wild Orlando

Wet n Wild Orlando is also a must for families with young children. People of all ages can revel in the fun of this huge splash water park and there are many rides to suit all personalities. There are multi-person rides, so the family can have fun together, or there are more fast and exhilarating options for the more daring amongst you. Younger children can also have a whale of a time in one of the many splash pools dotted about the park. If, however, you prefer to relax and let the rest of the family enjoy the thrill of the water slides, you can take it easy in many of the tranquil and crystal clear pools that are ideal for simply floating and letting all your troubles melt away.


Aquatica Theme Park 

Similar to Wet n Wild Orlando is Aquatica. This fantastic water-park has an excellent reputation and is ideal for people of all ages. For the older, more action-driven members of your group, there are some vertical and fast-moving water slides that really get the heart pumping, and there are also many high-speed water rapids for the adrenalin junkies. For the younger ones, Aquatica also has it covered. There are many small pools where youngsters can just enjoy being in the water and there are also small slides where they can get in on the action. Everything for the whole family is available at Aquatica, so the entire family can have a splashing good time!


Walt Disney World Resort

Of course, no trip to Florida would be complete without sampling what has become known as the world’s best-loved children’s theme park – Walt Disney World Resort. The Walt Disney World Resort is a paradise for children and adults alike and really brings fairytale magic to life. It is an enchanting world of fun and laughter and is known for its ability to captivate and enthrall people of all ages and from all walks of life. There are a range of theme parks and water parks inside the resort itself including; the Magic Kingdom Park, where you will see the traditional Disney shine through with the Cinderella Castle dominating the area; the Epcot area; Disney’s Animal Park; Disney’s Hollywood Studios; Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, and Disney’s Blizzard Beach. All are mesmerizing and special in their own right and should be enjoyed to the full.

Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Orlando Resort is also equally as well known for its exceptional visitor experience and is renowned for providing some of the most exciting theme parks in the world. As well as its dazzling array of rides, the resort also has a buzzing night-life and an even more impressive events calendar which showcases up and coming singers and comedians and many stunt shows. It’s two theme parks – Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida – are the most loved aspects of this resort, however. Both offer a family experience like no other and bring all the best-loved film characters to life.